Six must-try holiday fashion trends

Six must-try holiday fashion trends

Sure-fire clothing pieces to spruce up your holiday wardrobe

1. Shackets
It’s a shirt. (Cue pillow pet song). It’s a jacket. It’s a shacket. Yes, that is what they’re called. Shackets are all the rage these days with everyone and their grandma wearing them. Shackets combine both the comfort and look of a good old flannel shirt with the warmth of a jacket. 

2. Sweater Vests
Before you leave this article, hear me out on this one. I’m not talking about those prep school uniform sweater vests that five-year-old boys wear. I’m talking about cute ones that you can pair with collared or mock neck long sleeves. If you’re really daring and willing to embrace the cold of Wisconsin winters, you can wear them by yourself. 

3. Ugly Holiday Sweaters
Ugly holiday sweaters will never go out of style — in this season of course. These tacky, gaudy, and beautiful creations are your one chance to embrace your inner weirdo and no one can make fun of you for it. Ugly holiday sweaters come in an infinite number of styles, allowing you to really find the one that speaks to your inner soul. 

4. Festive Matching Sets
Matching sets have made a comeback in the last year or two. While these come in plenty of varieties, the ones I’m talking about are specifically for the holiday season. Matching sets save you the time of having to pick a top and bottom separately.

5. Velvet Jumpsuits
Navy, forest green, and holiday red velvet are beautiful this time around and are just the right amount of glitz and glimmer to not wash you out. A velvet jumpsuit with a rocking pair of heels is the perfect girl boss outfit. 

6. Mock/Cowl Necks
There are fashionable mock neck bodysuits or even mock neck tees which are incredibly versatile that can spruce up an outfit without drawing attention away from the rest of the elements. 
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