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SilkScreen by Dan Hillier - "Silhouette"

SilkScreen by Dan Hillier - "Silhouette"

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Introducing the SilkScreen by Dan Hillier - "Silhouette" shirt, a luxurious addition to your wardrobe.


This shirt features a stunning silk screen print of a captivating drawing of a woman with her hand on her face, created by the award-winning artist Dan Hillier.


The artwork showcases Hillier's unique style of transgressive art, blending elements of grotesque and genderless themes to create a thought-provoking piece.


The shirt is made from premium quality materials to ensure maximum comfort and durability.


As a behance contest winner, this shirt is a true representation of Hillier's exceptional talent and creativity.


Elevate your style with the SilkScreen by Dan Hillier - "Silhouette" shirt.

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